Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm back! I just had to let you see my phone pic of Mike the Tiger, the LSU mascot. The beauty of the season is everywhere! In Mississippi, the red clover is in full bloom. Everywhere you look is a red blanket of color. It's so great to see the fresh green of Spring! Here in Louisiana, the blackberry bushes are blooming, the azaleas have just about completed their cycle & I can smell the honeysuckle about to bloom in the woods. Birds, Butterflies & Bees are hard at work. Hummingbirds visit every day. Nothing compares to nature. Even though I strive to show the beauty of it in my work, I still can not match it's natural God-given beauty. I guess that is what's inspiring me to get some new pieces, reflective of the season, in the works. Here's a few butterflies. I'll be adding them to etsy this Friday & Saturday.

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