Friday, May 23, 2008

I am such a geek. Well, I'm working hard at becoming a geek! So much of the internet is so new to me.

Just wanted you to know...I was featured in a blog (can you believe it?) a wonderful artist from Brooklyn.

She has a wonderfully magical shop at She creates imaginative vials using earth elements. Wonderful! Because she was so kind to include me...I have deemed her the very first artist I wish to showcase....bows to you izile! & thanks.

Wow...time goes by fast!

It's been so long since I've taken the opportunity to chat. Etsy sales have been a little slow lately. I made 7 sales in basically one week...&'s been so quiet! I'm still at work each day. I add new items, relist, create, visit on threads.....but I can get a little down. I am still pleased with Etsy. Didn't get alot from the main showcase, still I purchased a Father's Day Showcase for Sunday before Fathers Day! I don't know why exactly...guess I had a moment of thought..."I can at least get one sale!"...I hope so. More later. I'm going to start featuring artists from Etsy. So much talent! Okay...I'm off to find an amazing talent as I type......l